Web kid

This story is made by unreal facts. Fantasy and magic appear to explain a hard reality. My unreallity speaks of your reality, feel your own story, I'll never tell you mine.

>The inside<

Where nobody knows the light.
Where the shadows walks free,
confident and trust to not be found.


Where the awaken does not exist
and the days
are lost in the inmensity.


Creatures of a talking dream go and come.
The faces are touched and the skin
is smelled.

The fear and the horror
wishper in a colourness world
"watch out, stop it’’.

Far away of an entrance without exit.
Knot of doubts
waits in every corner.


Noisy watchers hide.
Without reflections,
at least at this side of the mirror.


There where the web kid lives
Brave, awaiting,


She does not believe in luck.
She waits.
Her next bite is coming.


To the end of the road,
at the other side of a thread witch is about to vibe.
Tap tap tap…



In development. A great collection of images with text wich reveals smells without colour and untouchable feelings.