They and I of Jerome was a huge challege since the start, I felt very excited to illustrate this story, like when you arrive to a new home and you have to put all the forniture for your new home. Here you got how I felt when I started this new proyect:

<< I opened the door and a buzz of frock coats and top hats fill the air. When I came in everything was empty. Different personalities went and came in this blank scene, they acted like everything was normal, you can go up the stairs without them or you can sleep in a closet because you can not find your bedroom.
Going up to the second floor I understood this nonesense of this social thought, the fine english humour and the satire became in absurd images. The incoherences of the human beings didn't have another way to be represented: pieces that can't be fit it in just one look, imposible scenes.
From the roof everything was clear, in this house every upside was down and viceversa.
Hidden betwen the walls I found a deep internal monologue, full of thoughts about the childhood, maturiy and personal development. Ultimately a manual full of symbols of how to LIVE wich was well keep under lock because of the personal value.>>

Hittouch, illustrator


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Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927)


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