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Free. I want to be free. Free to travel and take the continents with me. Free to stay immobile. I want to be a wild soul, with a wild look. Is there a passage inside ourselves, beyond time and space, that takes us to the door of our consciousness? Is there a path to return to the authentic, however narrow and forgotten it may be? Maybe the road is out there, in places without a route or signs. When I recognize myself, will I see the other one? Will love escape or become stronger? Finding myself, will make me wiser? There are so many questions ... I'm afraid I'll end up being a slave to my own search. I just ask to fly. Fly. My way. With my own wings, when they sprout. Go back from my fears, where the colors that I have not seen before are hidden. Where the wild is disguised with fireworks. To discover that birds do not fly; the birds are the air.

2018 Calendar
With the special colaboration of Álex Nogués (texto)
Script, design and illustration: Héctor San Andrés