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A curious maze author gamebook that contains the creative universe of 16 great illustrators.

Choose your character: in one side you can pick ELA, the bluehair kid; and for the other side NIEBLA, the dog with a scarf. They are lost and they need your help to find themself.

"Look and find the way to exit of every maze. Up and down, left or right, explore every corner but ¡do not cheat!"


Pastel de Luna

Illustrators (labyrinths):

Miguel Pang, Celsius Pictor, Sara Porras, Cristian Robles, Anuska Allepuz, Michel Casado, Louise Heugel, Hittouch, Mercè López, Rebeca Losada, Alberto Matsumura, Roger Olmos, Carmen Segovia, Gina Thorstensen, Santiago Verdugo y Laura Wächter.

Cover, text and core illustrations: