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Podalirius is a little doctor. His consulting room is at the top of a blackthorn. There he sees a lot of patients: spiders, ants, beetles, butterflies, crickets…
He is worried about his legacy so he has been creating a compendium with all of his medical cases. Now is the time to donate to the forest. Will it come to good hands?

"I am less and less sleepy, however I need more and more hours to rest. Afeter a little doses of kava-kava, not even a cicada storm is capable of waking me up. But tonight a deep scent has woken me up. Unconsciously, I have gone to see the chrisalys. It was empty.

Despite the fact that I have never perceived anything like that, the perfume is oddly familiar, it has a strong attraction power, like light for a moth. I know that going out in the middle of the night is not a good idea, but I can't resist it..."

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Pastel de luna