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Animalia has only a few seconds of life. The exact time that you used to read the first sentence. Now you are the responsable of a whole new world. An unique and enormous place in a small bones box, where your imagination sleeps, next to the fear and reason.

There is gravity in Animalia, but the habitants chose to follow his rules or not, -remember you're the one who create them, just a few seconds ago-. There are some bounderies, they are stiff and sharp, but of course every being of Animalia is capable of pass throug them.

Everyone reigns over a vast territory , but nobody over no◊ne.

In the core, right in the middle of Animalia, there is a rock.
There, an inscription,
ancient, archaic,
wich has only one minute:

¡Scream your name!, sing to your friends, dance around the fire that the possum turned on for you,
and touch,


2017 wall calendar

Limited edition:

200 units (sold out)